Primed Movement Developing Functional Performance


Services and Pricing
  • Private Coaching

    79 per 45 min session

  • 1 on 1 coaching, Individualised program, Fitness tracking, Nutrition advice
  • Semi-Private Coaching

    69 per Week

  • Small group environment, Individualised programs, unlimited sessions per week, fitness tracking, nutrition advice.
  • PrimedFit

    29 per Week

  • Short 30 min sessions, unlimited access to classes, free access to fitness app, improve your lifestyle and fitness!
  • Online Coaching

    29 per Week

  • Online Fitness tracking, Individualised programs, Nutrition advice, more affordable option



  • Chris, is exceptional. Very thorough with finding out any areas of concern and great suggestions for take home stretches and exercises. Always on time and great value! Lahnee
  • Chris is the ultimate professional!  Would recommend to anyone looking for a release, reduction in pain or increasing their ROM! Brodie



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